The scooter, since its creation in 1947 by Enrico Piaggio, has seduced and passionate millions of fans worldwide. At the time of its creation, Europe was trying to recover from a war that devastated the economies of all countries involved.

The times were hard, and it was urgent to find economic alternative to cars. The traditional motorcycle had unpleasant drawbacks: lack of space for carrying objects, but mainly the occupants completely exposed to the weather, a result it was not possible to drive with clean clothes. The scooter was designed to be an economical transportation, affordable and pleasing to everyone. and it pleased! Shortly after being a mass utility vehicle, it began to be a fashion icon and a lifestyle for many. Although times of post worldwar II are very distant, the scooter is still young as when she was born and is increasingly attractive. It remains one of most economic means of transport . The economic scenario that Europe lives, particularly in Portugal, mobility solutions tend to be more and more rational, efficient, and cost effective. The scooter thus assumes a crucial role.

Located in Cascais, Scooters na linha is company intended to help those who are not totally familiar with the world of two wheels. Whether traveling on business or simply for a drive in a sunny Sunday. Big cities have constant challenges, sometimes difficult to overcome. The high cost of fuel, difficult parking and most times very expensive, heavy traffic congestion that consumes time and money, are a constant! This is the perfect stage for scooters and bicycles. Anyone that is visiting Portugal that cares about the environment , cost effectiveness and some fun while driving, finds in our company people that share the same ideals. With Scooter rent, Electric bike rent, driving classes and guided tours, we provide to every one the discovery of the CascaisSintraLisbon region in a sustainable way. Together we will contribute to a change in mobility matters, this change will allow people and city coexist more harmoniously.