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Finally the Sun arrived to Portugal. Unlike last two weeks this is not a shy one.
The invitation to a long evening outside is strong. Cascais is ready for a great season! Visit us!
Enjoy the beach in the morning, have a fantastic Ice cream in Santini. Later you may have a beer in Largo de Camões. If your stomach is calling, you may have a Sushi in Sushissimo, a good restaurant to stay and relax for the night with lounge music and friendly people.
The next morning we suggest a bicycle ride to Guincho, amazing views! Unforgettable bike path. After Lunch, If you fell strong enough, you can rent a scooter and go to Sintra: A meeting with History and all the beautiful castles.
If you want to explore more, you can rent a scooter in the morning and drive to Lisbon along the “Marginal”, one of the most beautiful roads in Europe! The sea stretches till Lisbon and finally you meet the river “Tejo”. In your way you will experience the smell, the noises, the liberty of driving a scooter and stop where you want to. Explore the most hidden places of Lisbon in the old town. And when the night approaches you can return for your quiet drink in one of the many bars in Cascais.